1. dashbnoard
  2. profile
  3. payments details.

    Choose the right method for you and fill the necessary details.

  1. dashboard
  2. marketing
  3. Affiliate Links

    Copy your Affiliate Links and paste it where you want (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.)

    As mentioned, we follow your referrals 30 days from their first visit on our website. Our system will  link the referral to your account for the next 60 days.

Valid transaction is a purchase that was paid and was not cancelled (valid payment method, return policy etc.)

  1. dashboard
  2. payments

    Here you can see:
    Total transactions
    Your calculated commission
    Payments history


  1. dashboard
  2. profile
  3. your affiliate slug

After creating your affiliate slug, you can find both new and original links at:

  1. dashboard
  2. marketing
  3. affiliate links

    Your default link is the website URL followed by your USERNAME. For example:

    You may custom your own link, such as “bestproducts”
  • dashboard
  • marketing
  • affiliate links

-Select the campaign name
– Fill the desired URL
– Click on generate link
– Publish the link you created

  1. dashboard
  2. reports
  3. campaign reports

    Here you can find the campaign name, number of visits, and referrals

  1. dashboard
  2. reports
  3. Traffic reports

Here you may find your conversion rate, in addition to the number of “clicks” on your adds.