About Us

Shaked Cohen was founded by Shauly shaked and Pini (Pinhas) Cohen. Both have an extensive experience in the fields of diamonds, gems, and jewelry design. All this in addition to a thorough understanding of how to provide customers with pieces that would best suit their needs and budget.

Our concept is rather simple. We barely have any ready-made stocks. We don’t have salespeople that would try to influence you to buy what we’re trying to sell.

What we offer is worth so much more.

We have an office at the Israel Diamond Exchange, thus promising you, our clients, first-hand diamonds. We have a collection of over 2100 rings, pendants, bracelets and any other piece of jewelry you can possibly imagine. This basically means, there’s no dream design of yours that we don’t have.

To make things even better, our purchasing process is also as unique as it gets. Even before you make your pick and buy, you’ll have a meeting with an experienced gemologist, who will be able to realize what it is you are actually looking for. Our gemologist will give you a detailed explanation about the diamonds and all the elements that may impact their pricing. During the meeting we’ll also understand the kind of person you are and create a stunning pieced that will reflect you.

Of course, you always have the option to choose and adjust one of the existing designs on our catalogues. All these will be taken into consideration along with the budget you have for the piece of jewelry – we’ll discuss all your options, the gems, designs and materials. Piecing all the parts to create your ideal jewel.

The Diamonds

We work with every type of gem and diamond. In other words, there is no chance that we’ll ever tell you not to work with lab-grown or clarity/color enhanced diamonds. Every gem has its own worth. That is why we believe in full transparency. once you, the client, know what it is your paying for, you know that you’ll be getting your money’s worth. In fact, we might even recommend a lab-grown diamond over a natural one if you’re on a budget. What matters is what you choose, we’re just here to cater to your dreams and desires.   

The Jewelry

We create our own jewelry – just like we like it. That’s also why we do it so well. We have the passion paired with full flexibility and craftsmanship to form a variation of designs. Each gem and diamond offered to you will be upheld to the highest and brightest standard. We guarantee to serve a jaw-dropping design!

What Will YOU Receive with Every Piece of Jewelry You buy?

  • A luxurious gift box
  • A certificate from an international gemological institute
  • Free service for life!

We at Shaked Cohen take our craftsmanship pretty seriously, which is why we can stand behind our creations. So even if you’d like to change a size, or clean and renew your jewelry, we’ll take care of it. Whether it’s in 5 years or 10!

Now That We’ve Officially Met

  • We’d love to get to know you. Even if you’re not quite ready yet to choose your perfect design.

    Our door is always open, and the carpet is already laid out. We’re here to provide you our expertise and knowledge, happy to assist.

    Our office is located at the heart of the Israeli Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, at the Maccabi Tower, 1st jabutinsky rd.


Shauli Shaked

A jeweler and certified gemologist. Shaked has run the leading Institute for Diamond Studies (IDS) for fifteen years, as well as the Certified Gemological Laboratory (CGL), hence all his knowledge and skill in gems and diamonds.


Pinhas Cohen

Cohen has been in the field of designer luxury jewelry since the year of 2000. A jewelry designer and modelist on Rhino CAD software, allowing a 3D simulation of jewelry even before its manufacturing.