Tailor Made Jewelry

If you’re here, then you must be one of those people who truly appreciate one-of-a-kind pieces. In other words, you’re VIPs.

So, let us invite you to our kingdom, where you’ll be able to tailor your dream jewelry. Through a one-on-one meeting at our offices, you’ll be able to choose anything from your ideal gem, and all the way to the particular design that moves you personally.

Ladies First

Just shut your eyes, go to your happy place… and imagine the jewelry you’ve always desired. If you can imagine it, be sure that we can make that dream a reality. Because we know that you deserve the very best!

And What Will the Gentleman Have?

This is a new era, a new generation where we, men, are more aware of our appearance. As it would happen, jewelry is an inseparable part of that. Yes, you too, can enjoy a tailor-made piece of art, that speaks exactly to who you are.

The Bottom Line

The unique piece of jewelry you’ve always dreamt of, could be right in the palm of your hand and on its way to you, in just two weeks (manufacturing time after approving the design).
We make the entire process as visual as possible to ensure that you are 100% happy with the results. We will send you videos of the diamonds/gemstones, make 3D sketches and show you a video of the final piece before it leaves our studio.
Since you’re already royalty (just by reading these very lines), You will be communicating directly and personally with us (Shauly and Pini) during the entire process. we will send updates about each step along the way for a truly collaborative and personal experience

Here are some stories from our satisfied clients…

Maya Buskila

Remember Maya Buskila’s and Uzi Azulai’s extensively covered wedding?

So, Uzi came to us through an acquaintance, and together, we embarked on a journey to find Maya’s ultimate “rock”. He was planning to surprise her on one of her concerts.

Maya is known for her polished taste, which is why we put quite a lot of thought into the final piece.

Finally, the ring had become one of our star engagement rings and is even named “Maya’s Ring”.

 If you’d like one too, that’s perfectly fine – Maya’s cool with it.

Inbar and Robert

Inbar and Robert returned from a vacation in the States, with a clear vision of a ring Inbar had seen somewhere. Hand-in-hand, we sketched with Inbar a prototype of the ring she imagined.

The ring is comprised of two intertwined bands and white and black diamonds. The result is so stunning it had become one of our best sellers!

Robert wanted to indulge with a ring for himself, too. Which is why we creates together the Spinner Ring; a ring that revolves around itself and is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Dr. Ami Eldar Elfassi

Ami found us on a Google search.

All it took was one meeting for us to understand that we were going to enjoy the process with him. Ami is without a doubt one of the most interesting people we have ever met.

Together, we created the man ring studded with the Lace Agate and diamonds.

The final result was absolutely mesmerizing – it even surprised us!

Loren Atlan

Loren found us after a long search online. She wanted to create a pendant that would combine the letters of her husband’s and son’s name.

The design was, to borrow her words, “sheer perfection”.

We were happy to create a design that combined one letter made of white gold, and the other studded with diamonds.

This is your time to indulge yourselves with Tailor-Made Pieces

All it takes it one meeting, and your dream piece is here!

Arthur and Yael

When Arthur came to us, he already knew what he wanted. That’s why it didn’t take much time to achieve the desired outcome. It was all about picking the central diamond.

Arthur wanted Yael to adore her ring, which is why we did what we do best.

Legend has it that Yael still smiles every time she looks at the ring.


Lialis is an old friend, and we all know her as the woman who knows exactly what she wants. And let’s just say that her taste is more on the luxurious side…

She knew for sure that she wanted Morganite and a Halo ring.

A few weeks later, she was already wearing the stunning ring which we proudly presented on our website and Facebook page.


We met Liz at a birthday party of a mutual friend. When she heard that we work with diamonds, she immediately pulled out a sketch of a ring she had prepared a couple of years back.

The process was long and complex, but we finally did it! We created the ring of her dreams.

Yaakov Segal

The tailor-made category was simply created for Yaakov.

He looked for a designer who made tailor-made rings, and then he found us.

Most of the work was done remotely (through computer simulations).

But it wasn’t long before his wife wore the ring. In fact, she was so pleased that she requested for a matching pendant.